Holiday home with pool – the advantages

Renting a holiday home with a pool – advantages, planning & tips

Holidaymakers like to book holiday homes with a swimming pool – especially if the pool is located in a spacious and attractively landscaped garden. What are the advantages of a pool? And what do you have to consider when building the pool and finally when renting a vacation home with a pool?

Advantages of a swimming pool – how your holiday home benefits

A pool increases the attractiveness of your vacation home. Especially for families with children, a holiday home with a swimming pool in the garden is extremely popular, because you have the swimming and splashing fun right outside the front door – privacy included. If the pool is heated and is therefore also available in the cooler season, this is another plus point for your holiday home. The attraction of the pool is already noticeable in the search for accommodation. According to analysis, vacation homes with a pool are clicked on much more frequently in online booking portals than comparable accommodation without a pool. You can take advantage of this demand and set your rental price higher due to this attractive additional feature.

Refreshing & cool: A pool attracts guests especially in summer

Plan, build or buy the right pool

If you want to make your vacation accommodation more attractive and install a swimming pool in the garden, you should clarify a few important points in advance. Do you have to observe laws or restrictions relating to pool construction at the property location? Are you allowed to build a swimming pool in the garden at all? 

In addition to the official requirements, the budget also plays an important role. Since the budget has a significant influence on the size and equipment of your construction project, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where should the pool be located? A sunny location away from trees is best. 
  • What should your pool look like? There are pools of all shapes: round, rectangular or the infinity variety. You can also choose from a range of options when it comes to materials, such as fibreglass and stainless steel. You will also need a skimmer (water surface cleaner) and a pool pump. 
  • Do you want it to be a chlorine or salt water pool?
  • Do you want the pool to be usable in cooler months? Does it require a pool heater? 
  • A special case is the indoor pool, for the construction of which its own rules apply.

Swimming pool in the garden: design ideas

Installing a pool in the garden is not the end of the story – after all, it should also look attractive around the shimmering blue water and invite you in. The most popular materials for pool surrounds include wood, tiles and WPC (natural fibre reinforced plastic). Mosaic floors look elegant and turn any pool into a real eye-catcher. Large terracotta pots with colourful flowers provide Mediterranean flair at the pool edge. If you want it to look especially classy, you can choose a comfortable entry staircase instead of the classic ladder entry. 

A visually beautiful pool increases the attractiveness of a vacation property


Comfortable loungers and umbrellas provide the perfect place to relax. If you set up lounge furniture, the pool will turn into a feel-good oasis. A garden shower is also a great idea: guests can take a quick refreshing dip, remove sunscreen and perspiration before using the pool, and then wash the chlorine or salt water out of their hair. If you plan to rent your house mainly to families with children, you should think about a non-swimmer area. As an alternative, a separate children's pool is a good idea. Also think about the lighting: at night, spotlights are particularly attractive.

Pool maintenance – what to do

A well-maintained pool involves work. But with the right pool care you can enjoy it for many years. As a rule, basic cleaning of the pool takes place twice a year: in spring before the first use and in autumn after the swimming season. 

Before filling the pool with fresh water, you need to clean it thoroughly and repair any tears in the liner. Choosing the location of your pool at a safe distance from trees and shrubs will keep the water mostly free of leaves and branches. A pool cover will further protect the water from contaminants, so you won't have to use the cleaning net too often. Clean the pool manually or overnight with the help of a robot. Also remember that the pool pump and the pool filter need regular maintenance. 

Chlorine and salt water have different pH levels. Set the right pH level for your pool and check it once a week to prevent scale build-up. To ensure your guests enjoy clean pool water, make sure they shower before jumping in the pool to remove sunscreen residue. Feel free to make this clear to guests – either  in writing with a sign or verbally when handing over the keys.

Pool maintenance is important – for many years of splashing about!

Garden swimming pool regulations

Private swimming pool at a detached house

With a pool in the garden, safety plays an important role. This is true even if the pool belongs to a single house. Remember to test the water quality and pH of the pool regularly. And when the pool is not in use, a cover is required.

Community pool

If a pool is shared by several vacation homes or apartments, a non-swimmer or children's area may be necessary. This depends on the size of the pool. Find out if you need to provide life belts. Depending on local regulations, you may need to provide an outdoor shower, foot pool and/or outdoor toilet.

Follow national regulations and laws

Different countries, different rules: this also applies to private pools. If you want to rent out a holiday home abroad, you need to know the laws that apply there. These may differ from those in your home country and you may be subject to heavy fines if you do not comply. In Austria, for example, you need a building permit even for a small pool. In France, fencing is always required for safety. In Germany, a lifeguard is required for pools over 1.6 metres deep. In Great Britain, there must also be at least three meters between the house wall and the pool.


A pool has a positive effect on the occupancy of a holiday home. However, as the owner, you also have to take into account a number of things. Here it is worthwhile enlisting the help of a professional company. Interhome Group, with more than 55 years experience in holiday home rentals, is a good contact to have. In addition to providing advice on the construction and design of your pool, the vacation home specialist can help you organise regular pool maintenance. In addition, Interhome Group offers advance payments for renovations to your vacation home, for example, also for the construction of a swimming pool. Use Interhome Group as a strong partner for the successful rental of your holiday home – including a wide range of services for you as the homeowner.

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