Frequently asked

  • Is the contract temporary?

    The contract period will be agreed upon individually.

  • Can I terminate a contract before it is due to end?

    The contract can be terminated by mutual consent, as long as this does not generate additional expenses or costs for you or for Interhome Group (e.g. because customers have to be rebooked).

  • How can I keep up to date with current bookings?

    You will receive an email or text message every time there is a new Interhome Group booking. In addition, you will receive a weekly update of the bookings list.

  • Do I get details of who is using my holiday property?

    Our customers' personal privacy is our highest priority, but we will be happy to tell you what country your guests come from.

  • Can I also occupy the property myself?

    Of course you can, but there are some restrictions to secure as many bookings as possible.

  • What can be done to ensure my property is regularly kept clean?

    In many places we have a reliable cleaning team on site. Otherwise we will be happy to help you find cleaning staff. Your responsible contact will be pleased to provide you with further tips, like using mattress covers on beds, and other useful suggestions.

  • Can I keep personal belongings in my holiday home?

    We recommend that you keep all your belongings and valuables locked in a separate room or storage space.

  • Do I have some protection in the event of my property being damaged by guests?

    Our customers are independently insured should any damage occur. With Interhome Group you have an additional customised insurance policy with ERV to ensure your property has the maximum protection.

  • What happens if Interhome Group has to cancel bookings due to force majeure – will I receive a refund if my guests cannot arrive?

    Yes, thanks to the Owners Guarantee with Interhome Group, offered in partnership with the European Travel Insurance company ERV. This is automatically included with all new bookings from 01.07.2022. An impressive additional feature!

  • What are the costs?

    Costs can vary according to the country, the region and the type of service we provide. Depending on the type of contract and defined price, a yearly registration fee and administration charges will be deducted from the rental amount. Please contact us, we will be happy to make you a personal offer.

  • Can I also receive my rental income on a monthly basis?

    Yes. Just get in touch with your designated contact person.

  • Is there a designated contact person I can speak to?

    Yes. You will have a personal advisor who is available at any time to answer your questions.

  • How can my private key holder communicate with guests if he/she does not speak any foreign languages?

    Our staff will be happy to assist with any language issues – either on-site or via our 24-hour hotline.

  • Can I reach someone out of Interhome Group office hours?

    Yes. You can reach us around the clock in our 24/7 customer experience center at +41 43 810 91 26.

  • If I work with you, where will my house be advertised?

    Your property will not only be listed and advertised on our own website, but also on more than 55,000 booking portals worldwide.

    This way you can double your benefits: your property will be marketed worldwide and you don’t have to pay any extra charges to appear on other booking platforms.

  • Do I have any influence on how my property is described?

    Of course you can. You will receive a detailed description of the property along with the contract. You can then make any additions or corrections by getting in touch with your Interhome Group contact person at anytime.

  • Do I receive a reward if I refer a new owner to Interhome Group?

    For every new signed contract following your referral, you will receive up to 600 Euros, depending on the category of the holiday home.