Frequently Asked

  • How do I register as a sales partner?

    You can register your interest in becoming a sales partner by filling in our registration form. Alternatively, you can send an email to info@interhome.com.au or call our Partner Sales Team on +61 2 9453 2744 or Free Call 1800 257 171.

  • Do you have a Sales Team I can contact for assistance with enquiries? How do I contact them?

    Our friendly and helpful Sales Team can be contacted 24/7 by email at info@interhome.com.au or by calling +61 2 9453 2744 or Free Call 1800 257 171.

  • Who is Interhome Group?

    Interhome Group consists of the three brands within Hotelplan Group that specialise in self-catering holiday accommodation. With a history dating all the way back to 1965, Interhome Group is one of the premier European providers of unique holiday homes. We manage some 35,000 properties in 27 countries.

    In Australia, Interhome Group is active under the brand Interhome.

    Hotelplan Group, which also includes brands such as Inghams & Explore, is one of the leading travel companies in Europe. It is owned by Migros, Switzerland's largest employer.

  • Where is Interhome Group based?

    Our Australian registered office is in Sydney while Interhome Group has its head office in Glattbrugg (Zürich), Switzerland, and operates sales offices in 15 countries, as well as over 200 Local Service Offices all over Europe, from which we provide in-resort service to customers.

  • How do I reset my password for the Partner Portal?

    Please contact our Partnercare team with this request on info@interhome.com.au. Please also contact us with any changes to your partner details (new address, telephone number, change of consortia etc).

  • I am part of a Travel Group or Consortium. Is this information shown when I log in via the Partner Portal?

    This information is shown on your Partner Details and will be included in your Partner Account as this may determine the commission applied to bookings.
  • What type of insurance does Interhome Group offer?

    Travel cancellation insurance with ERV is included in all our bookings, free of charge with an excess of 20%. An optional travel insurance (luggage, assistance and more) can be purchased. Please visit our website for more information.

  • Are the Interhome Group properties star rated and can I access reviews via the Partner Portal?

    Interhome Group accommodation are checked and given a star rating (out of 5 stars). Customer Reviews are shown on our website and in the Partner Portal, where available.

  • Do partners receive a discount on their own holiday booked with Interhome Group?

    Partners receive a 20% discount on their bookings for personal use, with proof of eligibility, which is the Interhome Group Partner ID. 

    Please note that such bookings are valid solely in the name and address of the individual who is booking, and must be made directly and not via the Partner account. 

    Therefore, these bookings can only be done either by phone on +61 2 9453 2744 or Free Call 1800 257 171 or by email to info@interhome.com.au. Please ensure your company name, address and Partner Id are mentioned.

  • What are the different ways of linking with Interhome Group? Do you have an API and partner links?

    You can link to our website using our links & banners generator within the partner portal, or you can integrate our customisable iFrame into your website. 

    More advanced connectivity options include our proprietary API or use one of our many connectivity partners. 

    For Australia our preferred third party technology provider is RateGain-DHISCO.

  • Where can I find information regarding your web services?

    Extensive documentation about our web services can be found in the respective manuals. Please refer to the Partner Wiki and don’t forget to sign up for our tech updates.

  • What is the procedure for making test bookings?

    Interhome Group provides two environments that you can call via web service. Generally, test bookings shall be done in our TEST environment whenever possible.

  • How do I download pictures from Interhome Group?

    Using the API, cache to your own servers or by downloading pictures here using the property reference.

  • How can I make bookings?

    We offer multiple booking methods, subject to the partnership model. 

    Travel agents can book using our secure partner portal or by contacting our telephone helpline. 

    Online travel agents have access to our proprietary API (with optional XML-feeds) and can connect through our preferred technology partner RateGain-DHISCO. 

    Website owners can integrate our banners, links and a customisable iFrame. 

    For customers and employee benefits specialists we offer the possibility to integrate our iframe within an intranet, but customers can also book directly on our website or over the phone by using a discount code.

  • How do I book properties that are “On Request”?

    A Request Booking can be made and this will be put on option for you whilst a request is sent through to the property owner/Contracting Department. You will be notified by our Sales Team if this Request can be confirmed.
  • Is it possible to hold options?

    Yes, options can be held for up to 2 days. Unless cancelled by the partner, these will be automatically confirmed at the end of this period.
  • Can I send offers from the Partner Portal directly to my customers? Is there a White Label option?

    Offers can be sent directly from the Portal, using the Favourites option and then selecting a Personal Brochure which can be emailed directly to you as booking agent. You will then be able to make changes to this before forwarding to your client. 

    A White Label option is currently being developed. Should a customer wish to book directly using a website link, you will receive your normal commission.

  • What has to be considered before confirming a booking?

    Please ensure that all information for special requirements e.g. late arrivals, extra pets etc have been taken from the guest and can be passed on to Interhome Group. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all necessary information.
  • If I take payment from my customer, what booking documentation is received and how will this be sent? Do you provide client copies for customers?

    The Partner will receive all documents/invoices by mail (email or post) from us, with a copy (not showing commission) that can be forwarded to the customer.
  • If Interhome Group takes payment from my customer, how and what documentation is sent to the customer?

    Following booking, a Booking Confirmation document will be sent by email directly to the customer. Once full payment is received, a Holiday Voucher will then be emailed to the client.
  • How can I make changes or cancel a booking?

    This can be done within the Partner Portal, when you have logged into your account. Please note, arrival date and properties can be changed, as long as the start date of the booked holiday is more than 1 month away. Charges may apply. If the start of the booked holiday is less than 1 month away, we will need to contact the property owner first.
  • Do you offer last minute bookings?

    Selected properties are available at a discounted rate when booked within 8 days before arrival. Last minute bookings with an arrival date of 2 working days or less have to be discussed with the owner to ensure the accommodation can be fully prepared and available for the customer.
  • Can I make last minute bookings via the Partner Portal?

    Bookings may be made via the Partner Portal up to 2 working days before arrival. Bookings with an arrival date of 2 working days or less may only be made by contacting us by telephone on +61 2 9453 2744 or Free Call 1800 257 171, and are subject to approval from the owner to ensure the accommodation can be fully prepared and available for the customer.

  • Can I make bookings in different currencies?

    Yes this is possible. Please contact us by email on info@interhome.com.au or call us on +61 2 9453 2744 or Free Call 1800 257 171 for more information.

  • Do you offer long term bookings?

    Bookings of up to 28 nights can be confirmed directly. Bookings of more than 28 nights have to be discussed with the owner first. We can put an option in place for you whilst we contact the owner.

  • Are bookings for youth groups accepted?

    If not stated otherwise on the property details, youth groups can be booked. Please note: In Scandinavia there has to be at least one person of 25 years or more or the owner has to agree the booking first.
  • Are bookings for worker groups accepted?

    Each booking for worker groups has to be confirmed by the owner first. We will need the name and address of the company, as well as the area of business.
  • Is over-occupancy possible?

    Only an extra baby or toddler (up to 2 years of age) can be added to the maximum number of guests allowed in a property. Otherwise, over occupancy is only allowed if extra beds are listed as an option with a property and only according to the number of beds available.
  • Can a Partner directly contact an Owner?

    Due to data security we are not allowed to pass on any contact information of owners to our partners. However, we are always happy to assist with all information required.
  • Can I access offers for my employees using the Portal?

    Yes, you can make bookings for your employees via the Partner Portal. The agreed employee discount will be applied through the use of your discount code.
  • What payment methods does Interhome Group accept?

    Payments for bookings are made either through bank transfer, or cheque, or by credit/debit card. 

    Partners using a credit or debit card can register the card with the Interhome Group accounts team, and then payments will be automatically debited as they become due. 

    All travel documents and vouchers should only be sent to the customer once payment has been received.

  • If I take payment from the customer, how is commission paid to me?

    Commission is applied at the time of booking and a Booking Confirmation will be sent to show this and the correct amount due for payment to Interhome Group, after deduction of your commission.
  • If Interhome Group takes payment from my customer, how and when do I receive my commission payments?

    Interhome Group pays commission based on the rental price or on the cancellation fee. The payment takes place on the last day of a month for all check-ins in that month. If the last day of the month is not a business day, the payment will be done on the first business day of the following month.
  • What are the payment terms for travel agents?

    In general, payment terms are 20% deposit due 10 days from receipt of the Booking Confirmation with balance due 43 days prior to departure. However, this can vary according to your Partner Agreement in place with Interhome Group.

  • Is GST included in the prices?

    GST is not applicable.

  • Is commission included in the prices?

    All rental prices are gross of commission. The commission is applied to the rental price at the time of booking.
  • Are the provided links to your website tracked for commission? How can I access this information?

    All links that are created in the Partner Portal contain your Partner ID, which ensures the correct tracking and attribution of commission. Furthermore real-time booking information and web statistics are available within our Partner Portal.
  • I send traffic to your website, can I track bookings myself?

    Generally bookings are being tracked through a cookie stored on the visitor's computer. If you are linking to our website, a tracking tag can also be implemented at your request on the booking confirmation page. That way you receive instant notification of every booking made.
  • Are my payments to Interhome Group safe?

    All payments by partners and customer to Interhome Group are covered by an insurance policy with AXA.
    Interhome Group voluntarily provides this insurance to offer customers peace of mind. Furthermore, Interhome Group is part of Hotelplan Group, which is owned by Migros, Switzerland's largest employer.

  • Are utilities such as water, power and heating included?

    All additional costs are shown alongside the property details at the time of booking and on the booking confirmation. If utilities are not listed separately, they are included.
  • Do guests need to pay a security deposit?

    The key holder is entitled to ask for a deposit. 

    The deposit amount is in the cost overview on the object detail page of the holiday house or the apartment as well as on the booking confirmation. The deposit can be paid by credit card or cash (as mentioned on your booking confirmation). It is necessary to pay the deposit otherwise you will not receive your key. Please note that at some locations the only option is cash payment.

    The deposit is a security retainer and will be refunded upon proper return of the rental property. The deposit will either be refunded to guest’s bank account or received directly from the keyholder, if guest paid in cash. For a refund of the deposit to the guest’s bank account, they should leave IBAN and BIC code with the keyholder.

  • How do guests get to the property and how do they check in?

    Once full payment is received, a Holiday Voucher is forwarded to the partner for the client’s attention. This documentation provides all key collection information, directions and local contact details.
  • Do you provide promotional materials and giveaways?

    For events & promotions we have a limited number of giveaways and other promotion materials available. Please send your request along with a description of your event to info@interhome.com.au.

  • Where can I find your Standard Contract Terms?

    Our latest Standard Contract Terms are available on this link.